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opodis 2005

9th International Conference on
Principles of Distributed Systems

December 12--14, 2005, Pisa, Italy


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Monday, December 12th
8:15--9:00 Registration  
9:00--9:15 Opening  
9:15--10:15 Keynote Talk: Prof. David Peleg, Weizmann Institute of Science
"Distributed Algorithms for Systems of Autonomous Mobile Robots"
10:15--10:45 Coffe Break  
  Session 1: Nonblocking Synchronization  
10:45--11:10 A Lazy Concurrent List-based Set Algorithm
Steve Heller, Maurice Herlihy, Victor Luchangco, Mark Moir, Nir Shavit
11:10--11:35 Efficiently Implementing a Large Number of LL/SC Objects
Prasad Jayanti, Srdjan Petrovic
11:35--12:00 Can Memory be used Adaptively by Uniform Algorithms?
Darin Goldstein, Burkhard Englert
12:00--12:25 Randomized Wait-Free Consensus using An Atomicity Assumption
Ling Cheung
12:25--14:15 Lunch  
  Session 2: Fault-Tolerant Broadcast and Consensus  
14:15--14:40 Optimal Randomized Omission-Tolerant Uniform Consensus in Message Passing Systems
Felix Freiling, Maurice Herlihy, Lucia Penso
14:40--15:05 Two Abstractions for Implementing Atomic Objects in Dynamic Systems
Roy Friedman, Michel Raynal, Corentin Travers
15:05--15:30 Parsimonious Asynchronous Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Atomic Broadcast
HariGovind V. Ramasamy, Christian Cachin
15:30--16:00 Coffee Break  
  Session 3: Self-Stabilizing Systems  
16:00--16:25 Self-stabilizing Behavior in Networks of Nondeterministically Interacting Sensors
Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, Michael Fischer, Hong Jiang
16:25--16:50 A Self-Stabilizing Link-Coloring Protocol Resilient to Unbounded Byzantine Faults in Arbitrary Networks
Toshimitsu Masuzawa, Sebastien Tixeuil
16:50--17:15 Timed Virtual Stationary Automata for Mobile Networks
Shlomi Dolev, Seth Gilbert, Limor Lahiani, Nancy Lynch, Tina Nolte
17:15--17:40 Asynchronous and Fully Self-Stabilizing Time-Adaptive Majority Consensus
Janna Burman, Shay Kutten, Ted Herman, Boaz Patt-Shamir
20:00--22:00 Welcome Party at S. Croce in Fossabanda  


Tuesday, December 13th
  Session 4: Peer-to-Peer Systems and Collaborative Environments  
9:00--9:25 Stable Predicate Detection in Dynamic Systems
Donald Darling, Jean Mayo, Xinli Wang
9:25--9:505 MTcast: Robust and Efficient P2P-based Video Delivery for Heterogeneous Requirements
Tao Sun, Morihiko Tamai, Keiichi Yasumoto, Naoki Shibata, Minoru Ito
9:50--10:15 Towards a Theory of Self-Organization
Emmanuelle Anceaume, Xavier Defago, Maria Gradinariu, Matthieu Roy
10:15--10:40 Node Discovery in Networks
Kishori Konwar, Dariusz Kowalski, Alex Shvartsman
10:40--11:10 Coffee Break  
  Session 5: Sensor Networks and Mobile Computing  
11:10--11:35 Optimal Clock Synchronization under Energy Constraints in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Hagit Attiya, David Hay, Jennifer L. Welch
11:35--12:00 Half-Space Proximal: A New Local Test for Extracting a Bounded Dilation Spanner
Edgar Chavez, Stefan Dobrev, Evangelos Kranakis, Jaroslav Opatrny, Ladislav Stacho, Hector Tejeda, Jorge Urrutia
12:00--12:25 A State-based Model of Sensor Protocols
Mohamed Gouda, Young-ri Choi
12:25--14:15 Lunch  
14:30--22:00 Excursion to Lucca followed by social dinner at Villa Poschi  


Wednesday, December 14th
8:30--9:30 Keynote Talk: Prof. Giorgio Buttazzo, Scuola Superiore S. Anna of Pisa,
"Real-Time Issues in Mobile Wireless Networks"
  Session 6: Security and Verification  
9:30--9:55 Approximation Bounds for Black Hole Search Problems
Ralf Klasing, Tomasz Radzik, Fabiano Sarracco, Euripides Markou
9:55--10:20 Revising UNITY Programs: Possibilities and Limitations
Ali Ebnenasir, Sandeep Kulkarni, Borzoo Bonakdarpour
10:20--10:50 Coffee Break  
  Session 7: Real-Time Systems  
10:50--11:15 The Partitioned, Static-Priority Scheduling of Sporadic Real-Time Tasks with Constrained Deadlines on Multiprocessor Platforms
Nathan Fisher, Sanjoy Baruah
11:15--11:40 New Schedulability Tests for Real-Time Tasks Sets Scheduled by Deadline Monotonic on Multiprocessors
Marko Bertogna, Michele Cirinei, Giuseppe Lipari
11:40--12:05 Static-Priority Scheduling of Sporadic Messages on a Wireless Channel
Bjrn Andersson, Eduardo Tovar
12:05--12:30 Implementing Reliable Distributed Real-Time Systems
Jean-Francois Hermant, Josef Widder
12:30--14:15 Lunch  
  Session 8: Peer-to-Peer Systems  
14:15--14:40 Reconfigurable Distributed Storage for Dynamic Networks
Gregory Chockler, Seth Gilbert, Vincent Gramoli, Peter Musial, Alexander Shvartsman
14:40--15:05 Skip B-Trees
Ittai Abraham, James Aspnes, Jian Yuan
15:05--15:30 Bounding Communication Cost in Dynamic Load Balancing of Distributed Hash Tables
Marcin Bienkowski, Miroslaw Korzeniowski
15:30--16:00 Coffee Break  
  Session 9: Sensor Networks and Mobile Computing  
16:00--16:25 On the Power of Anonymous One-Way Communication
Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, David Eisenstat, Eric Ruppert
16:25--16:50 Quality-Aware Resource Management for Wireless Sensor Networks
Roland Gemesi, Nirvana Meratnia, Paul Havinga
16:50--17:15 Topology Control with Limited Geometric Information
Kevin Lillis, Sriram Pemmaraju